Casino - Drink Responsibly

Anyone who has ever visited a big-time casino in Las Vegas or other worldwide gambling mecca has likely noticed that free drinks and booze are abundant in these venues. Understanding why this is and why drinking responsibly is so important can help players walk away winners more often.

Reasons behind Free Drinks

When a casino offers its patrons free drinks, most people assume that it is an act of hospitality and see no harm in indulging themselves. After all, the drinks are on the house. However, casino owners and managers are aware that alcohol lowers inhibitions and causes people to lose their ability to use good reasoning. This often leads to overspending and more money in the casino's vault at the end of the night.

Proceed with Caution

Though many people drink on occasion and experience no serious repercussions, drinking in a casino is an entirely different matter. The casino owners essentially want their patrons to become intoxicated so that they will be more likely to place higher bets on low-odds games. To avoid this, players are advised to avoid drinking anything at all while they are gambling. If players do decide to drink, they should limit themselves to no more than one alcoholic beverage per hour in order to avoid becoming intoxicated.

Drinking Responsibly

For some players, a trip to the casino simply would not be the same without a few of their favorite cocktails and perhaps even a cigar. If this is the case, be sure to make drinking responsibly top priority. Players should only keep the amount of cash they can afford to spend and give their wallets or credit cards to a trusted friend or family member to hold. This way, the temptation is reduced and attempts at spending more money are met with a voice of reason.

Casinos provide free alcohol to their patrons for a reason--and that reason is more than simple hospitality. Though it is perfectly acceptable for players to indulge, they should remember that drinking responsibly is often important to preventing a huge loss.