Progressive Video Poker

Among the many games in online casinos, video poker is very popular. With a great resemblance to slots, a video poker game will play out in similar fashion to an actual game of poker. Do not be fooled, it is different in a way. Offered by Microgaming and Playtech software, many outlets are now seeing a marked increase as the players of video poker enjoy the experience.

Microgaming's SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces 

In an online progressive video poker game, the player will hit the jackpot by flashing a Royal Flush. The variations are even more thrilling. Microgaming's SupaJax Progressive Video poker for example play outs like, if not better than, the real Jacks game. Using the conventional 52-card deck, the game is made to be more interesting with the addition of a special card, the SupaJax. It is this card that has the key to what the maximum jackpot the player should expect. One needs a $1 dollar minimum wager to play and a $5 maximum.

Jackpot Deuces is very entertaining. It plays out with a progressive jackpot and both wild cards which are the four deuces in the deck. Jackpot Deuces plays with a single hand. To participate in the progressive jackpot prize, the player must bet the maximum. This applies to both games, SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces. The Jack Deuces progressive jackpot is won by obtaining a Diamond Royal Flush.

Playtech's Mega Jacks 

Playtech has for players, Mega Jacks, a progressive video poker game. Playtech casinos definitely offer the game, which is a favorite. Mega Jacks adds on the usual Jacks an exciting progressive jackpot. A player has to have a Royal Flush and bet the maximum coin amount. The other option is the Straight Flush. A player that maintains a good hand will go home with a higher payout.