Ways to get a Bonus Mybet

There are many games to play at Mybet's online casino, but what about the bonuses? There are a few different ways that players can earn bonus money, like when they first sign up with the site, are playing games or during special promotional periods. Whether a player is a beginner at gambling or has been doing it a long time, there's a bonus Mybet available for them.
The Welcome Bonuses
There are a couple welcome bonuses available to people who are first signing up with Mybet. The first is a 50% bonus of up to €250 when the player makes their first deposit, which has to be at least €50. The deposit needs to be exchanged into casino chips and turned over 30x in 30 days before their account shows the bonus credit. The other welcome bonus Mybet is a 100% credit of up to €500 when a player deposits €500 the first time. The betting terms are the same, while wagers for certain games are excluded for both as well.
Promotions Offered Every Month
Aside from the welcome bonuses, there are also monthly promotions offered from Mybet. These are available through a 'Game of the Month'. Players can play the game without any risk and get up to €5 in bonus funds. The games chosen each month are generally the most popular or newest, as the site adds at least 1 or 2 games every month. Another monthly online casinos mybet on offer is the 'King Question', which can earn players €50 when they answer it correctly.
Cash Back Bonuses
It would seem that there are plenty of bonuses to get from Mybet's online casino, but the Cash-Back Program is a special bonus scheme that rewards players for gambling. The initiative works by giving players 1 point for every 10 chips they play in Slot games and 1 point for every 50 chips played in other games. The points can then be turned into currency, with 500 points being worth €5.

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