Online Slots Coins

Where ever there are coins involved, there is some sort of issue. Video poker is no different when the battle between single coin and multiple coins arises. A single coin bet would obviously require one coin from your pocket and multiple coin bet will require up to 4 or 5 coins. There is a huge risk involved in both choices, especially the later one.

You want to go for maximum coin based game on all lines then you will have to bet more. If you are playing one of Microgaming or Playtech multiple lines slots game, then you will have to wager more coins. For 6 lines at the rate of max coins per line (5 X 6), you will be putting 30 coins at stake. Each coin can either carry a value of 1 $ to 25$ as well. You can find these slots games at Spins casino, and you can even try them for free by using the fantastic casino no deposit bonus of 50 free spins. These spins can be used on any real money slots, and you can keep the winnings.

Your bets with multiple coins are going to generate huge payouts but it will also put your wagered money on risk. Small bets have low risk of money being lost and they also give small payouts. You cannot shoot two birds with one slug.

Imagine a situation where you hit the progressive jackpot. Yeah! That's right, the same jackpot which is connected to all slot games in your online casino. If you placed a 1$ bet then your prize would be half of what you could have made.

All in all, coins have to be managed at a steady pace. Don't spend them with lightning speed and don't spend them too slow.